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YachtFile - is unique

Since 1994 our YachtFile information packs have been the conduit in the delivery of several million items of promotional material to professionally run yachts for their Captains, Onwers, and Crew to enjoy. It has become famourly known as the 'Boat Show in a Bag'.

A great many Captains, Owners & Crew rarely, if ever, visit a Boat Show and fortunes can be spent in accessing this selection of high influence, high earning individuals. YachtFile was launched in 1994 to address the problem of getting company product and service information, necessary to the running of such extreme vessels, into the hands of those decision makers.

Large yachts can be constantly on the move, especially in the Summer months. THe way the YachtFile deliveries are undertaken ensures incredibly little crossover, very rarely does one yacht receive two of the same YachtFile. To accomplish this we log each yacht as a pack is delivered to it, onboard. At the end of each delivery we send our clients copies of the log as a guarantee of delivery.

YachtFile is a very simple concept and it is simple for our clients to partake in. The delivery trip is not quite so simple and can take upwards of five weeks and cover 6-7,000 miles, we undertake the difficult part. Finding yachts is one thing we are very good at, delivering information onboard is another.

YachtFile:- The no waste targeted, information delivery system to Superyachts.

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