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Colin Squire Publishing is based in a small Suffolk town in the UK. Colin Squire has been involved with Superyachts since 1978 when he first stepped foot onboard a 147ft power yacht as a deck hand. His life prior to this revolved around the print industry in the UK, where he trained at two of Europe's largest book printers, eventually working in sales and production, in fact his life in some ways turned full circle as, after leaving the sea in 1990 he then returned to print, but this time with his own business in which he combined his love of Superyachts with his knowledge of the printing industry.

During his 13 years at sea he worked on several of the, at the time, worlds largest yachts and travelled far and wide as he rapidly progressed from deck hand to mate and eventually to acquiring his Captains qualifications. As the industry rapidly began to change in the late 80's he decided to hang up his sextant and head shore-side.

His first business venture was to produce fine art prints of luxury yachts, which taught him how to run a business but his art business did not do well in recessionary times and in 1994 YachtFile was born, for four years he had been visiting the ports and marinas of the Mediterranean, with visits to the Caribbean, promoting his Fine Art business and delivering his personal brochures to yachts. Realising that it was difficult for other companies to get information to these unique vessels he then offered his services to a variety of clients and the distinctive YachtFile polypack took hold and became a regular source of information for Captains throughout the Mediterranean. The USA/Caribbean pack then followed the two regular large deliveries to 2000 yachts that took place in April and August. Also at the same time the Monaco Yacht Show – YachtFile pack was launched and, like the other deliveries, is still going strong to this day.

Due to the requests made from several yachting magazines to be included in the pack a new magazine was launched in the year 2000. Yachting Matters, which of course had the perfect delivery, took off and has grown to be one of the most respected luxury yacht magazines and one that can be found on many thousands of yachts throughout the world.

Colin Squire Publishing launched another new and exciting project, This web idea is again a completely new concept and comprises 60 websites, all linked together to utilise search engine capabilities to the full, this is not a directory, but an exhibition for companies to be a part of that work within the large yacht industry. Also there are private social networking sites for professional Captains etc embraced within the Superyacht Web concept. Could this be the future, we believe it is!